Village of
Oneida County, NY

Codes Enforcement

Codes Enforcement Officer - George J. Farley

P.O. Box 904
Oriskany, NY 13424
315-736-0987 or 315-736-3512

Code Enforcement responsibilities consist of many aspects.  If you are going to build an addition to your home, erect a shed, install a swimming pool, erect a detached garage, demolish an existing

building, etc. you must call and file an application for a Building Permit with the Codes Enforcement Officer before doing any construction.  If you do not and the Codes Enforcement Officer finds

you doing work, he may place a "Stop Order" and prevent you from continuing any further work until the necessary application is filed and permit issued.  The Codes Enforcement Officer does

drive-bys in the Village to be sure that the Zoning and Building Codes of Residential and Commercial zones are being followed correctly.