Village of
Oneida County, NY
 Educational Facilities 

N.A. Walbran Elementary School:
School Information

N. A. Walbran Elementary School is located on State Route 69 in Oriskany.


Elementary Principal:

      Karen Cianfracco Hinderling

     Telephone Number - 315-768-2149

      Fax Number          - 315-768-2137


Elementary School Guidance

      April McCraith

      Telephone Number - 315-768-2065

Oriskany Central School District:
School Information

The Oriskany Central School District Office is located at 1313 Utica Street, Oriskany, New York - the mailing address is P.O. Box 539, Oriskany, New York 13424-0539.




Board of Education Members:


     Therese Hanna,  President

     Amy Mayo, Vice President

     Michelle Anderson

     Robyn Appler

     Brian Judycki

     Adam Kernan 

     Carl Graziadei






     Timothy Gaffney 

     Telephone Number - 315-768-2058

      Fax Number           -315-768-2057


Business Administrator:

     Alicia D. Koster

     Telephone Number - 315-768-2058

      Fax Number           -315-768-2057



          Telephone Number - 315-768-2060


Buildings and Grounds:

          Telephone Number - 315-768-2023

Oriskany Junior Senior High School:
School Information

Oriskany Central Junior-Senior High School is located at 1312 Utica Street, Oriskany, New York.


The mailing address is:    P.O. Box 539

                                  Oriskany, NY  13424


Junior-Senior High School Principal

Ms. Julie Thompson

     Telephone Number - 315-768-2063

      Fax Number          - 315-768-2046


Director of Guidance and Senior High Guidance is Christopher Williams

      Telephone Number - 315-768-2065


Junior High Guidance is April McCraith

      Telephone Number - 315-768-2065