Village of
Oneida County, NY

The following local laws have been adopted by the Village of Oriskany since 1974 (contact the Village Office for further information):

Electrical Code in the Village of Oriskany:  Local Law #1, 1974

Property Tax Exemption for those 65 years of age or older.  Local Law #2, 1974

Games of Chance within the Village of Oriskany.  Local Law #1, 1977

Authorizing County of Oneida to collect delinquent village taxes.  Local Law #4, 1978

Soliciting Requirement in the Village of Oriskany.  Local Law #1, 1978

Beverage Containers - Use and disposal on public lands.  Local Law #4, 1979

Annexation of School Property, Manor Lane.  Local Law #2, 1979

Requiring written notice of certain highway and sign defects prior to maintenance of action against the Village for damages.  Local Law #3, 1983

Residency Requirement for Village Justice.  Local Law #1, 1985

Property Veteran's Tax Exemption.  Local Law #1, 1986 

Local Flood Prevention.  Local Law #2, 1983.  Amendment, Local Law #2, 1989

Prohibiting the Illegal Dumping, storing or placing solid or liquid waste material in the Village of Oriskany.  Local Law #1, 1990

Avoidable Emergency (false or good intent) alarms within the Village of Oriskany.  Local Law #1, 1992

Establishment of Drug Free School Zones within the Village.  Local Law #2, 1994 

Terminating assessing of property by the Village Board of Trustees.  Assessing accomplished by Assessor, Town of Whitestown.  Local Law #1, 1996

Street Name Change (Furnace to Country Club Drive).  Local Law #1, 1998

Regulating Garage Sales within the Village of Oriskany.  Local Law #1, 2001

Control of Dogs.  Local Law #4, 2004

Defense and Indemnification of Local Officials. Local #1, 2004

Law to prohibit illicit discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system and to provide for the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the Village of Oriskany, Local Law #1, 2007

Amendment to part of the Zoning Laws of 1997 and Providing for the findings of fact relating to storm water management.  Local Law #2, 2007

To provide the Codes Enforcement Officer the authority to order property owners to remedy violations of the New York State Property Maintenance Code, Energy Code, Oneida County Sanitation Code and the Village of Oriskany Zoning Law.  Local Law #1, 2008 

Law providing for the administration and enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.  Local Law #2, 2008

Annexation of Town of Whitestown Property, located between Portal Drive and Cider Street.  Local Law #3, 2008

Village of Oriskany Nuisance Abatement Law.  Local Law #1, 2009

Village of Oriskany Noise Law.  Local #2, 2009

Parking, Speed Zones, Stop Signs, Towing and Wrecker Service, Weight Limitations, Snow Emergencies and Designated Routes and use of Snowmobiles, All-Terrain Vehicles and Dirt Bikes (Motorized) within the Village of Oriskany.  Local Law #3, 2009 and Local Law #4, 2009

Prohibiting the use of Skateboards on public property within the Village of Oriskany.  Local Law #5, 2009

Street Name Change (Country Club Drive to Furnace Street).  Local Law #1, 2010

Dog Control.  Local Law #1, 2012, supersedes Local Law #4, 2004.