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Oneida County, NY
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Trinkaus Park

Oriskany Village Office

708 Utica Street - P.O. Box 904
Oriskany, NY 13424
Trinkaus Park is located between State Route 69 and Utica Street in the Village of Oriskany.  It is home to the Oriskany Village Museum, a gazebo, the anchor from the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany and a Skyhawk A-4 aircraft similar to the ones that flew off the carrier USS Oriskany.  There is a children's playground area, a picnic pavilion and a tennis court.  It is beautifully and proudly maintained by the Street Department.
There are no public facilities in Trinkaus Park.
Anyone wishing to use the gazebo or picnic pavilion should contact the Village Office (315-736-3512) to check on availability and make reservations.